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How Does Sussex & Studholm Agricultural Society Operate?

Sussex Agricultural Co-operative 1841 Ltd, is an association of persons who have voluntarily joined together to provide themselves with a business that can supply them with products and services at minimal cost. The control of business is in the hands of its member-owners.


Members exercise their power at the annual general meeting, which all members are urged to attend. Thus, the annual general meeting is a critically important event in a co-operative society. It is at this meeting that the members appoint the board of directors from amongst the membership, choose the auditors, review and approve financial statements as well as the board’s and manager’s reports.


Who Manages the Co-op?

The board of directors are elected at the annual general meeting from amongst the members. They are entrusted with the management of the affairs of the co-op. The board appoints among its members a chairperson, a secretary and a treasurer as well as sub-committees. The board also appoints a manager who in turn hires employees and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the co-operative.

Rocky Price.jpg

Rocky Price

Chief Executive Officer


Rocky Price has served as General Manager since November 2011 and has worked for the Society since May 2003. His role is to be responsible for all aspects of the operations, farm retail, wholesale  and administration. Reporting to an elected board, he is responsible for product initiatives, preparation of sales and margin budgets and the implementation of company policies and procedures. While working at the Society, Rocky has

performed the duties of Assistant General Manager, Retail Operations Manager and Grocery Store Manager.


Prior to joining Sussex Agricultural, he worked for various other co-operatives throughout New Brunswick, serving in positions as Meat Manager, Assistant Meat Manager, Meat Cutter, Grocery Clerk and Gas Bar Attendant.


Rocky has  a son. He loves to spend his spare time outdoors and on the Miramichi River, fishing and hunting in his hometown where he was raised.

Debbie Dell.jpg

Debbie Dell


Debbie and her husband Carl raised 3 children on the family farm in Cornhill until they moved to Sussex. They now have 4 grandchildren. Debbie went to work at Sussex Health Center in 1991. She has held various positions in her church, was a past member of Corn Hill’s Women’s Institute, and is presently serving as President of CUPE Local 1128 at the Sussex Health Center.

Matthew Clark.jpg

Matthew Clark

1st Vice President


Matthew is married and has 2 beautiful daughters. He is currently milking 70 Holstein cows on Clark Farm in New Canaan. He crops over 300 acres of grass and corn. Matthew serves on several local boards and committees.

Reid McLean

Reid McLean

2nd Vice President


Reid is the new board director Sussex Agricultural Co-operative 1841 Ltd. He is the owner of Cumberland Point Farms and a grower of strawberries and potatoes in the Grand Lake area. Reid is the co-owner of Buckwheat Point Estates Inc-RV and Park Model Campground and has served on various boards since 2000. He is also the president of the Horticultural Producers Association of Southern NB and has been the Cumberland Bay Fire Chief since 2007.

Mike Slocum

Mike Slocum

Mike has 3 children and lives in Waterborough, NB where he and his family have operated Slocum's Farm Fresh since 2002. They grow potatoes which are sold under the brand "Grand Lake" logo. They produce locally grown strawberries, corn and tomatoes. Mike served as Board Member and President for several years at Sussex Co-op. He continues to serve on many committees to promote agriculture and vegetable markets within New Brunswick.

Sharon Branscombe

Sharon Branscombe



Sharon grew up on the family farm and is married with 2 grown children. She currently lives in Wards Creek and is retired from the Department of Agriculture in Sussex after working there for 34 years. She has always supported her local co-op.

Phil Parlee

Philip Parlee

Philip grew up on a mixed farm in Parleeville just outside Sussex. After graduation from Nova Scotia Agriculture College and MacDonald College of McGill University, Philip worked for the Department of Agriculture in various positions for nearly 35 years. Most of Philips employment with the Department was in the Sussex office where he 

looked after financial management and financial assistance programming. Philip has been and still is involved on several community volunteer Boards. Philip and his wife Charlene enjoy travelling and RV camping.

Reg Perry

Reg Perry


Reg and his wife Dawn owned the family farm from 1985-2013. He has 3 children and served on the local church board and various committees, and now sits as Chairman of the Church Board.

John Steeves.jpg

John Steeves

John was born and raised on a dairy farm in Elgin. A third-generation operator of the farm since 1977, he sold his business 4 years ago to enjoy retirement with his wife. Has served on several Boards over the years. Looking forward to serving on this Board

Anthony Harbraken.jpg

Anthony Harbraken

Anthony and his wife live on a farm in Dutch Valley. He currently is raising beef and dairy heifers, and does hay and silage. Currently, he serves on the Board of Crime Stoppers and has been involved with other organizations.

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